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First things first. National Night Out was pretty outstanding.

YDJ, YJ3 and my nephew, Bilal, are all a little tough after climbing on HMMWVs and spending 20 minutes with the NSA Police. Plus, my wife and I learned that nothing breaks a fast quite like a brain freeze, courtesy of a Slurpee.

I even enjoyed being taunted by our police and the boss from atop a fire truck during the parade. I can still hear our DES Director Lt. Col. J. Darrell Sides screaming over the sirens: "Come on out. Free for everybody, except PAO."

Of course, he carries a gun, has access to a fire hose and was proceeding down Llewellyn Avenue three or four steps faster than I could maintain. So he knew there was no chance of me mustering a retaliatory assault on his motorcade.

However, one day (obviously not this week) Fort Meade's top cop is going to want some coverage or maybe a photo. He may even ask for it at a command and staff meeting. And when he does, then maybe, just maybe, I may stand and say, "Free coverage for everyone, except DES."

Similarly, I should give some NNO kudos to a certain communications director from FGGM's favorite housing partner -- technically its only housing partner -- Picerne Military Housing.

This director, who shall remain nameless, showed amazing integrity while serving as the literal end of the funnel cake line Tuesday night. And by literal end, I mean she was kicking more people out of the line than Patrick Swayze kicked out of the Double Deuce in "Road House," http://bit.ly/rLWfz.

Of course her weapon of choice was a smile as opposed to Swayze's roundhouse or throat rip, but it proved to be just as effective despite the pleas from everyone hankering for free fried dough covered in powdered sugar. That includes me, a man who had been fasting for 15 hours and wanted nothing more than some cake. Yet despite my hardships and threats similar to what I'm going to drop on LTC Sides one fine day, she remained firm, and I remained hungry.

My wife, also hungry, couldn't help but take the opportunity to question my apparent lack of influence on this post. But what good is a spouse if she can't kick you while you're down?

To be honest, my wife's jab teamed with the above examples of blatant disrespect by my peers had me feeling a little bit like Carmelo Anthony after he took a flagrant shot to the "man region" by some Argentinean scrub during the Olympics. http://bit.ly/QDFXmY AND http://bit.ly/RmOZEK

I couldn't have been more proud of Team USA's response: A 42-17 run, which turned a close game into a 29-point blowout.

Now since we are talking about disrespect, I would like to seek your counsel on an issue I brought up on my Facebook page. It is regarding what to think about U.S. gymnast McKayla Maroney's behavior on the medal stand after bringing home the silver in the vault. In case you haven't seen the image, here it is: http://bit.ly/TcZlqL.

If you watched the coverage of the vault, an event that Maroney was the clear favorite to win, it was clear she wasn't happy about coming in second. Her behavior could only be described as childish at best. It could also be described as downright boorish and the epitome of "The Ugly American."

My initial thought to her reaction and the image was not favorable, and I know if McKayla was some other athlete, or at least if she was competing against other American athletes, I'd be much harder on her.

It is not like she was handed a lump of coal on Christmas, or her dog was just kicked. She just earned a silver medal, for goodness' sake, and her only reaction was to pucker her lips and cover the medal with her hands as if it was the scarlet letter.

But I also know I wouldn't have been overly enthused if she would have celebrated coming in second as if she came in first. So, I ask you, how should she have reacted?

Send your thoughts on this and anything to do with the world of sports to chad.t.jones.civ@mail.mil.

Barring any more disrespect on par with our American flag being improperly secured during a medal ceremony (http://bit.ly/QLxEaT), we will have our fantasy football 2012 preview next week.

Columnist note: You wanna-be columnists have exactly two weeks to send in your Jibber Jabber submissions for possible publication on Aug. 23 and 30.

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