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You all know I love America, so it is logical to think that I love the Fourth of July. In fact, outside of Thanksgiving, it is my favorite holiday.

So in the interest of keeping you entertained, but at the same time giving you the maximum amount of Fourth of July goodness, this week's column has been reduced to the five things in sports that make America the envy of the world.

1. Ball park hot dogs:

Whether you take yours with ketchup, mustard or pickles, kosher or pure pork, nothing says America like hot dogs at the ball park.

In fact, a bad dog at the ball park is probably better than the best steak anywhere else. BTW, Camden Yards has some great dogs.

2. The Continuous Sports Cycle:

Did you know that the day before and the day after the Major League Baseball All-Star Game are the only two days of the year when you can't watch a professional sporting contest? (NBA/NHL/NFL/MLB)

For sports lovers like me, that means we are on our own Monday and Tuesday. (See how I spent my days next week.) Other than that, sports has got our back.

3. ESPN:

I know I've been critical of the greatest single cable station ever. I mean, does anybody really think that Stuart Scott is enjoyable? But trust me, no one else in the world does sports like the worldwide leader.

I just finished a long weekend in Canada, and all they had on its SportsCenter was EURO cup and hockey free agency.

4. The Star http://bit.ly/uESOI8:

Despite the fact that the team hasn't won a thing since 1995, the Dallas Cowboys star is still the most recognizable symbol in all of sports and a true sign of our dominance.

Your other sports logos are a distant second.

Similarly, it would be fine to replace the star on this list with the symbol of America's Team - the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders http://bit.ly/KRmucz.

5. The Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition:

This may be chauvinistic, but let's be real. From Cheryl Tiegs, http://bit.ly/OjaNjI, to Tyra Banks, http://bit.ly/Lv3XnQ, to our new favorite, Kate Upton, http://bit.ly/MtbdVw.

We all love the SI swimsuit edition.

If you have comments on this or anything to do with sports, contact me at chad.t.jones.civ@mail.mil.

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