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The movies schedule is subject to change. Please call the theater to ensure that movies are playing at their scheduled times.

Fort Meade

Jan. 4-11

Jan. 4: "Déja Vu" (PG-13) Producer Jerry Bruckheimer and director Tony Scott are great at car chases and blowing stuff up, so their latest action picture has plenty of thrills. Also, Denzel Washington is his usual charismatic self as a federal agent whose skills at gathering physical evidence are challenged by the need to consider metaphysical evidence. Grade: B- (126 min.)

Jan. 5-6: "Casino Royale" (PG-13) The good news is that Daniel Craig is a sleek and strong new James Bond, but nobody would ever call this movie sleek. Grade: B- (144 min.)

Jan. 7: "Turistas" (R) Take "Hostel" and transplant it to the Brazilian jungle and you have the nasty formula behind this salacious and sadistic story about tourists who are taken hostage and, well, you really don't want to know. Grade: C- (94 min.)

Jan. 10-11: "The Holiday" (PG-13) Writer-director Nancy Meyers is so eager to please that it's mildly irritating in this attractively cast and designed romantic comedy about an unhappy American woman (Cameron Diaz) and an unhappy English woman (Kate Winslet) who decide to swap houses during Christmas vacation. Grade: B- (138 min.)

Movies start at 6:30 p.m. Wed-Sun. at Building 4431, Llewellyn Ave.
Shows are $3.50 for adults (12 and older) and $1.75 for children. For a recorded announcement of showings, call 301-677-5324. Further listings are available on the Army & Air Force Exchange Service Web site at www.aafes.com.

All capsule reviews and grades by Mike Giuliano unless otherwise noted.

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