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Power on Fort Meade is unique.

Depending on whether the electric power has been privatized or not, service responsibility could belong to the Baltimore Gas and Electric Co. or the Directorate of Public Works.

All residents and tenants are not aware of who maintains responsibility for their power and how outages should be reported.

Picerne Military Housing residents should call the following numbers with the neighborhood, street name and house or pole number (if available):

Heritage Park and Normandy Bluffs

* 1-866-882-8418 (on-call emergency maintenance)

* 410-672-2000 (main)

Midway Commons

* 1-866-882-8418 (on-call emergency maintenance)

* 410-672-2301 (main)

Meuse Forest

* 1-866-882-8418 (on-call emergency maintenance)

* 410-672-2475 (main)

Patriot Ridge

* 1-866-882-8418 (on-call emergency maintenance)

* 410-672-2183 (main)

Potomac Place

* 1-866-882-8418 (on-call emergency maintenance)

* 410-672-2981 (main)

Service members residing in barracks should call the barracks management staff at Bldg. 6405 at 301-677-2174 or the DPW Work Order Desk at 301-677-1629. After normal duty hours, call 301-310-4446.

All other facilities should call the DPW Work Order Desk during normal duty hours at 301-677-1661, 301-677-1662 or 301-677-1629. After duty hours, call 301-310-4446.

This report should include street name and pole number (if available). The more information provided, the quicker the response will be.

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