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The Office of the Judge Advocate General is accepting applications for the Army's Funded Legal Education Program.

Under this program, the Army projects sending up to 25 active-duty commissioned officers, in the rank of second lieutenant through captain, to law school at government expense.

Selected officers will attend law school beginning in the fall of 2013 and will remain on active duty while attending law school.

Interested officers should review Chapter 14, AR 27-1, the Judge Advocate General's Funded Legal Education Program, to determine their eligibility.

Applicants must have two to six years of total active federal service at the time that legal training begins. Eligibility is governed by statute (10 U.S.C. 2004) and is not waivable.

To apply, immediately register for the earliest offering of the Law School Admission Test. Applicants must send their request through command channels including the officer's branch manager at AHRC, with a copy furnished to the Office of the Judge Advocate General, ATTN: DAJA-PT (Ms. Yvonne Caron - Rm 2B517), 2200 Army Pentagon, Washington, DC 20310, to be received by Nov. 1.

Submission of the application well in advance of the deadline is advised.

For more information, call Fort Meade Deputy Staff Judge Advocate Maj. Nate Hummel at 301-677-9023.

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